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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

If You Drive in the Rain, You NEED Aquapel on Your Vehicle’s Windshield!

If You Drive in the Rain, You NEED Aquapel on Your Vehicle’s Windshield!

This below is review for Aquapel Glass Treatment by Mr. Gadget

Read this quickly, and then buy and apply Aquapel to your vehicle’s front glass (at least the front glass) to see clearly, more safely, longer than with any other rain-repelling glass treatment.
Ever the skeptic, I had nothing better to do one day many months ago than to look for something better than Rain-X.  But, why?
Many years ago I met a man because of some technology I was investigating at the time.  During our meeting, the man told me he was also involved in a product and its technology that was used by the aircraft and airline industry to protect their cockpit glass and to make rain bead up and roll off like water off a duck’s back.  I said, you mean, like Rain-X?  He laughed a good, deep belly laugh and said that was what he always hears.  No, said he, Rain-X is “crap.” Really, he said just that.
I listened intently as he continued.  Rain-X is a great tool with great marketing. They know their product does its job only for a short time and they have conditioned their users to this.  Rain-X requires reapplication with regularity, perhaps every two to four weeks in order to experience effectiveness.  His chemical, on the other hand, bonds to the glass, won’t wash off, is impervious to wipers and lasts for SIX months or more.  I asked for some of this miracle juice!
Again, that was many years ago and I lost contact with that man, but I always remembered this product, having used it and coveted the small, unmarked bottle he sent. I nursed the contents and used it sparingly over the years until it was gone. Then, Rain-X was all I could find, so that is what I used.  And Rain-X is so attractively priced, at way under $10 for a generous quantity.  What’s not to like?
For those of you now using Rain-X, I am speaking to the converted.  Inconvenience aside, it is somewhat effective at making driving in the rain much safer than without Rain-X on the windshield.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

DuctSox Introduces the L-Vent – the cleanest Vent in the HVAC Industry

Re-engineered vent reduces dusting-and yields a better look.
DuctSox - Dubuque, Iowa, a leading manufacturer of USA-made fabric duct systems and accessories, has introduced the L-Vent, the cleanest vent in the HVAC industry for fabric duct in commercial building applications.
The new standard L-Vent design includes one to three rows of orifices ranging from ¼-inch to 1-inch openings that are factory-engineered to produce airflows of 5 to 90-cfm/ft. at 0.5-inch w.g. The updated configuration, plus the sealed, non-fraying edges produced by precise robotic cutting machinery, helps limit surface dusting that's common among other metal or fabric ductwork diffusers, vents and orifices that affect IAQ standards in occupied spaces.

The L-Vent replaces S-Vents and Mesh Vents as the standard Comfort Flow(TM) model in most premium and commercial DuctSox fabrics.
The L-Vent is just one of many fabric duct benefits available to air distribution designers, including light weight, even air dispersion, aesthetics, and clean-ability through commercial laundering.
For more information on DuctSox and its line of fabric air dispersion products, for users based in Indonesia, please call Tawada CleanTech 021 5794 0683 or email 
Wednesday, November 11, 2015

DuctSox 4x2 Suspension System Gives Large Fabric Duct an Inflated Appearance

Air dispersion products manufacturer, DuctSox®, Dubuque, Iowa, has introduced the 4x2 Suspension System(TM), the HVAC industry's only hanger system for larger fabric ductwork diameters in open architecture ceilings that simulates an aesthetic inflated appearance even when heating/cooling air handlers are idle.

An evolution of DuctSox's revolutionary 3x1 Suspension System(TM) 2006 introduction for 10 to 48-inch DuctSox, the patent-pending 4x2 Suspension System(TM) supports 50 to 60-inch diameter DuctSox, making it perfect for uniform transitions from large to small fabric air dispersion systems. The 4x2 Suspension System uses dual tension cables to support duct clasps at the 11 and 1-o'clock positions, while the lightweight, sculpted aluminum brackets support the 10 and 2-o'clock positions with D-ring clips. The result is a perpetually inflated appearance with a significantly reduced inflation surge and "popping" sound common to all fabric duct systems during HVAC equipment start-up.

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